Welcome to my course webpage. I am an Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada and a Signals Officer in the Canadian Army. My current responsibilities include instructing or assisting with RMC Cyber Det short courses and teaching undergraduates & graduate courses.

Links to course websites and contact information can be found in the drop-down menu at the upper right. I will occasionally post updates on this page, however most communication with students will be via email.

More information on RMC engineering programs can be found at here.

2021 Winter Semester

Winter Semester Courses

For the 2021 Winter Semester I will be offering EEE330 - Computer Network Design to undergrads and the Exploitation Techniques Course (ETC) to students of the RMC Graduate Certificate program. [Read More]
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2020 Fall Semester

Fall Semester Courses

For the 2020 Fall Semester I will be offering EEE400 - Introduction to Cyber Attack Theory to undergrads and EE595 - Cyber Threats and Attack Techniques to graduate students. Given the current operating environment, both courses will be taught remotely through Moodle and BigBlueButton. Lab access will also be offered remotely.
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COVID-19 Course Delay

Course update

In accordance with instructions passed down by the Commandant, Dean and Department head, you will find the course timetable has been adjusted in order to account for the pause in classes. [Read More]
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